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Four tips for keeping your sleeping bag warm
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As autumn progresses, it feels colder and colder to camp in the wild. A small sleeping bag for camping can't keep the cold out, but it can't stop us from loving nature. Here are a few tips to keep it warm for those who love camping.

There is a trick to using it. People who do not know how to "sleep" even with alpine (-35 °) sleeping bag for adults in the general low temperature (-5 °) will also feel cold, so how to sleep more warm? When using it, there are many external factors that affect the performance of a sleeping bag.

1. Choose the right campsite

When choosing a campsite, don't choose a valley floor, where cold air collects, and try to avoid ridges or hollows that are subject to strong winds. A good damp mat will effectively separate your sleeping bag from the cold, wet ground, and an inflatable one is even better.

2. Keep dry

Sleeping bag absorb moisture mainly not from the outside world, but the human body, even in extremely cold conditions, the human body will still excrete at least a small cup of water when sleeping. Insulating cotton will bond and lose its elasticity when it gets wet, and its ability to keep warm decreases. If it is used continuously for many days, it is best to dry it in the sun. Frequent cleaning can also make the sleeping bag insulation cotton to maintain elasticity.

3. Wear more clothes

Some of the looser clothing can be used as thicker sleeping clothes. The gap between the person and the sleeping bag is filled to the brim, which also enhances the warmth of it.

4. Warm up before going to bed

The human body is the source of heat of it, such as before going to bed to do a small warm-up exercise or a hot drink, will slightly increase the body temperature, which will help to shorten the warming time of the sleeping bag.

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