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The difference between 3 season tent and 4 season tent
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Do you know how to distinguish between 3 season tent and 4 season tent? Do you know the benefits and shortcomings of each of them? Green Camping will tell you them in detail.

3 season tent

It is mainly used in spring, summer, and autumn. It has three main advantages.

1. Lightweight

It uses lightweight aluminum poles, a sleeveless pole setup, and light and tear-resistant fabric to maintain its lightweight. On the other hand, make certain that there is sufficient power to withstand most outside conditions. Its weight is usually between 1.4KG and 2.7KG.

Currently, there are many 3 season tents that allow the use of climbing poles to pitch the camping tent, thus reducing the overall weight of the tent.

2. Ventilation

The best possible ventilation is usually provided for campers. Open mesh walls and a large number of ventilation holes will allow air to flow freely throughout the camping tent while ensuring that users are protected from direct wind. This is to prevent moisture buildup and to allow colder air to enter the interior.

3. Weatherproof

3 season tents can withstand rain, wind, light hail, and some cold weather through weatherproof settings.

4 season tent

It can be used all year round, but usually, only in winter. Its primary characteristic is its capacity to resist extremely severe conditions.

1. Resist harsh weather

4 season tents are built to withstand extreme weather such as snow, sleet, ice, hail and strong winds. Snowy conditions or areas with strong winds are the main locations where 4 season tents are used. It is strong and long-lasting, which makes it an excellent shelter. The average weight is between 3.6KG and 7.3KG. Nowadays, the application of new materials has also effectively reduced the weight of the tent.

2. Highly protective

The inner and outer camping tents of the tent are completely free of mesh, and usually use ventilation holes to control condensation. The outer tent extends to the ground to withstand storms. Has a snow skirt so that snow can pile up on it, thus improving stability. Uses stronger tent poles to further increase strength and stability and provide enough strength to withstand the weight of snow or ice.

Green Camping's advice

As a general rule of thumb, if you're not camping in cold, heavy snow or constant gusts (gusts over 30 mph), then it's best to choose a 3 season tent. This is because they are lighter, cheaper, easier to use and provide adequate protection for most people. If you need a high-strength, flexible and warm tent, then an all-season tent is a better insurance policy, especially when camping in harsh climates where a functional all-season tent can make you feel more secure.

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